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CGX + Yamagata = CGX Yamagata Japan GK

In the Spring of 2012 two great technology powerhouses, Consolidated Graphics and Yamagata Corporation, came together to form CGX Yamagata Japan GK. CGX Yamagata Japan GK provides in-region print and fulfillment services in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. The new state of the art facility in Hagiwara produces on demand custom publishing products for CGX’s largest North American and Japanese clients. Combined with the Asian manufacturing footprint of Yamagata Corporation, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients.

About Consolidated Graphics

Every great company begins with a compelling vision.

At Consolidated Graphics, the vision of founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Joe R. Davis, was simply to anticipate customers’ needs and be responsive to their requirements. Recognizing the customer benefits of consolidation – economies of scale, wider range of services, local market presence – Mr. Davis set out to find and acquire top printers.

A quarter of a century later, Consolidated Graphics is an industry leader.  With locations in, or near, virtually every major U.S. market plus Toronto, Prague and in Asia, Consolidated Graphics provides the service and responsiveness of a local printer plus the financial, technological and geographic advantages of a large national organization.

Our 70 printing and fulfillment facilities offer vast and technologically advanced sheetfed, web and digital printing capabilities. With high-end digital presses in nearly every facility, and five state-of-the art digital print centers in the U.S. and Prague with a strategic alliance in Japan, we have the world’s largest and most advanced integrated digital footprint.

Committed to delivering the lowest total cost of ownership, Consolidated Graphics is at the forefront of technology that adds value across the print lifecycle. We focus on both sides of the value equation to minimize costs and maximize sales. Streamline, our proprietary Web2Print technology, provides 24/7 access, customization and ordering capabilities from any internet connection, anywhere in the world. With automated online processes for purchasing, proofing and inventory control, Streamline saves time and “touches” to reduce errors and increase productivity.

We have an unmatched geographic footprint in the United States, the printing industry’s most comprehensive in-house capabilities, leading edge technology solutions and the expertise to put it all together to add value to any project.

About Yamagata Corporation

Valuing People, Society, and Environment.

For over a hundred years, YAMAGATA has been an Interface Provider who understands and responds to the changing demands of clients worldwide. We understand this essential need from the client’s perspective.

That is why we strive to be an effective communicator and provider so as to develop user-friendly and easily understandable products for our clients. As an Interface Provider, we seek to nurture the bond between people, society and the environment.

Since its creation in 1906, YAMAGATA has been producing, translating and printing instruction manuals. The manuals we create range widely from automobile and aircraft manuals to those for digital TVs and PCs. In the mobile phone arena, we produce the instruction manuals for more than 40% of the products on the market, and our localization service supports over 40 languages.

From Ryuji Yamagata, President & CEO of Yamagata Corporation, “We have a long history in the production, translation and and printing of technical and service manuals, and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses. We are constantly searching for ways to assist our clients more effectively, based on this knowledge. The core essence of our business is “conveying things to people in a comprehensive way”. Therefore, in 2005, the 100th year of our foundation, YAMAGATA positioned itself as an “Interface Provider”, a company that creates and provides a variety of user interfaces.

As the recent growth of digital technologies has made products multifunctional and more complex, customers seeking both “ease of understanding”, and “ease of use” in those products, and the importance of this will only continue to grow. Using the know-how obtained from our instruction manual business, we have begun working on the utilization of new digital media, database-use documentation, the analysis and production of user interfaces, and the inspection of a guidance method created for its ease of use for individual users. YAMAGATA is aspiring to create “ease of understanding” and “ease of use”, and is aiming to be the world’s best company in the interface field.”


We define sustainability as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Operating in multiple geographies – and running a company with paper at its core – Consolidated Graphics is extremely aware of the interdependence and fragility of our world. We consider it our foremost responsibility to operate in ways consistent with maintaining the quality of our environment, including recycling, using earth-friendly inks and doing business with other like-minded entities. In every choice we make, we strive to behave in ways generations to follow us will respect.