Digital Printing

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As a part of Consolidated Graphics, CGX Yamagata Japan GK combines fresh ideas with the world’s largest and most advanced integrated digital footprint to offer new options and high value solutions.

World leader in digital print, delivering infinite possibilities

The unrivaled leader in digital print solutions, Consolidated Graphics brings customers a new world of options and opportunities. Capable of producing over 30 million, four-color pages each day, our world-leading digital platform includes more than 220 high-end presses across North America and a growing international presence. Our footprint includes five digital print centers. We continue investing in the latest available technology to maintain our digital leadership.

Distribute then print while maintaining color fidelity

Our advanced color management systems deliver best-in-class color fidelity while our digital order management process ensures your order is handled in the best and most efficient manner available. You get the highest value for your print dollar.

With Consolidated Graphics’ advanced digital solutions, you can add mass personalization to your printed materials then print them on-demand when you need them. Distribute then print to save time and cost and leverage many other advanced technologies. All of these give you maximum control and flexibility to get exactly the result that will be most effective for your needs – and maximize the return on your print investment.

Digital Print Centers

Created to deliver fast, highly accurate production and distribution of high-volume, highly personalized items, our digital print centers handle direct mail campaigns, photo products, insurance and financial programs and more. Strategically located – four in the U.S., one in Prague and here in Japan – we offer time and cost advantages in fulfilling orders. Our fully integrated digital footprint features a production control system that seamlessly manages literally thousands of orders per day across facilities, automatically channeling each to the best location based on logistics and client needs.


Photo Solutions

With photo books and other photo projects, your company can achieve branded, professional results using high resolution images and beautiful layouts.

Consolidated Graphics has the ability to produce over 30 million digital color pages per day.  There is no other commercial printing company in the world that has the ability to implement or support the production and management of branded photo programs like Consolidated Graphics.

Our five world-class digital print production centers across the world are fully integrated for quality control and consistency between locations – we are the clear choice for uncompromising quality and fast, efficient distribution of personalized photo products.